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Jacob Mason
Jacob Mason

Welcome to my website, Square Health Tips! My name is Jacob Mason and I Created this diet to share some of my personal experiences In some health conditions and i hope you will be able to benefit from my sharing. Please let me know if you have something to share with me too.

If i can credit to one thing that i have done to improve my health and eventually my life quality, that would be the relaxation techniques and meditation that i have learnt! If you are a SVT sufferer, practicing deep Diaphragmatic breathing regularly will help when the attack comes! Some of the relaxation techniques that i have found useful is:

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation.
  • Guided Imagery Relaxation Techniques.
  • Guided Meditations.

The key here is to practice regularly. You need to do any of the above techniques everyday. No other options.

With consistent effort, I have managed to find myself free of SVT attacks. Even when it comes, I will just lie down and practice deep breathing and the heartbeat will stabilize shortly.

Some Health Tips:

  • Don’t diet. Eat healthier all of the time and it will be better in the long run. Losing weight gradually is generally better than losing it quickly and is more likely to stay off.
  • Eat a high fiber diet. This is an important top health tip. This includes whole grains, brown bread, and cereals. Fiber regulates the digestive system and reduces the risk of bowel cancer. Average about 13-18 grams of fiber a day.
  • Stay away from hazardous artificial sweeteners, and try to substitute sugar with the likes of natural sweetening alternatives such as agave nectar or better yet Stevie artificial sweetener that is safe and sweet.
  • Reduce the amount of saturated fat consumed daily. Only 35% of daily calorie intake should be fat calories and only 10% of those should be from saturated fats.
  • Start Sleeping and Wake up Early.

I will share more other informations about blood pressure, acne etc… Go through my website: http://squarehealthtips.com/ everyday to get more info about health tips and get cure form all health problems.

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